Invitation to Dermatologists to take part National Skin Cancer Screening Day – 1st September 2015

Dear Colleague

The 1st of September is National Skin Cancer Screening Day – South Africa!

We need your help to make this day a success…

The Skin Cancer Foundation of South Africa (SCFSA) is an independent, self-funded organization dedicated to preventing skin cancer. The foundation has a number of roles including the assimilation and distribution of information to the lay public, press and medical professionals about skin cancer, how it presents and measures to prevent its development.

Another major aim of the foundation is the implementation of a National Skin Cancer Screening Day, to be held on the 1st September every year. The event took place for the first time last year and was a great success, with 24 private Dermatologists and a number of Academic Departments involved, but we would like to make it a bigger event this year, so that more South Africans can be impacted.

So what will your involvement entail?

If you sign the bottom of this invitation and agree to be involved:

  • Your name will be put on our website stating that you are a dermatologist involved in the national skin cancer screening day
  • You will be asked to see at least 10 patients on the day, free of charge, for a 10 minute screening session to identify any potential skin cancers
  • You will be given a quick, easy to use, standardized duplicated form to fill out (1 copy kept in the patients file, 1 copy for stats)
  • If a suspicious lesion is identified, the patient will be informed and referred for treatment or can be treated by yourself at a later stage, depending on your and the patients wishes. No treatment has to be done on the screening day

The process is as simple as that! We would like to kindly ask for your participation to make this day a success.

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